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HVAC Maintenance Plans From Privette Heating & Air Give You Peace Of Mind

Did you know that regular HVAC preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation, few costly repairs, and peak performance? Pre-season tune-ups are also important as it helps avoid a system failure in severe hot or cold weather when you need it most, and can help keep your energy bill under control. Keep your heater and air conditioner running top-notch all year and take advantage of additional savings on any needed repairs with our Pure Comfort Maintenance Agreement.

Texas doesn’t really experience seasons in the traditional sense. There’s a saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait 5 minutes and it will change”. This is especially true in the spring and fall. Take the opportunity this year before the weather gets chilly to let Privette Heating and Air Conditioning service your furnace so when the 80 degree day drops to 50 degrees all of a sudden, your family will stay warm and toasty. 

To insure your air conditioning and heating systems will operate efficiently during the peak cooling and heating seasons, it's important to schedule a service call in March, April or May to get ready for the summer and again in October, November or December before winter weather arrives.

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