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Lessons with Tommie 3

Hey Guys!

Lots of exciting things have happened over the last few months! I recently bought a house and have had to learn ALOT of lessons. I know that no house is perfect, especially when buying a older home.

I'm literally 6 months in and now have to replace MY WHOLE HVAC SYSTEM! That in itself is a scary thing! You may think " oh Tommie what do you have to worry about? You work for an AC company" and while yes you are correct (my team is the best), it still doesn't make a big purchase feel any less daunting. ( insert scared face here!!! ) But honestly my team is great at what they do! Privette Heating and Air works with certain finance companies if you ever find yourself needing a new AC too.

We decided to go with a 16 Seer Carrier Heat Pump System ( Again the higher the Seer rating the more efficient your system is. I.E. lowering your electric bill ) We also decided that if we were doing it, we would also commit to a Carrier Mini Split for the addition to the house. We should be installing this week, and I will keep you guys posted.

So far I have been faced with all sorts of things that I have never done! I have come toe to toe with copper heads, running barbwire fence, But life is a journey, so I'm taking all of my experiences and hoping that I learn a lot!

Wish me luck!


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