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3 Things to Check Before You Call an HVAC Company

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Created by Privette Heating & Air Conditioning Admin

We never want you to hesitate to call us if you are experiencing issues with your HVAC system. However, we understand that it may not be always in your budget to call on us or another HVAC company to take a look at your system. Sometimes the problem can be troubleshooted and fixed by you; so before you request a technician visit your home, save yourself time and money by looking at common problems that can be easily fixed by you:

1. Check your breaker, which “trips” or turns off your power supply when overheating occurs. This happens when the circuit is overloaded or you have too many power-heavy devices that are being used at the same time on the same circuit. This is an easy fix and can be solved by flipping the switch back into its original place. If you don’t see any problems here, check your thermostat batteries.

2. Replace your thermostat batteries. You might notice that your thermostat screen is blank or the low battery indicator has appeared on the digital display. Try replacing the batteries before you call a technician, and set the thermostat housing back onto the wall. If you’re still experiencing problems, check the air filter.

3. Replace your air filter to make sure that it’s not clogged. If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner is turning on and off repeatedly, this might be the culprit. Not only does replacing your air filter help with energy, it also helps prevent any future damage to your HVAC system.

If your still experiencing problems with your HVAC system after checking these three things, give us a call, and we will be more than happy to come out.

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