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Don't Ignore these Furnace Noises!

Created by Privette Heating & Air Conditioning Admin

If you have an older furnace, strange banging, clanking, and whistling sounds are no strangers to your home. However, if your furnace is relatively new, your unit should be almost completely silent while it operates. Either way, it is not a good sign when your heating unit produces strange sounds. If you hear the following noises, you should have your furnace inspected by a professional HVAC technician.


Loud booming sounds are likely your air ducts expanding and contracting. This is most likely a result of a severe temperature drop. Booming can also indicate that your furnace has dirty burners or issues with ignition. Seek professional heating assistance, as your furnace needs repair.


When parts are loose inside your furnace’s transformer, a buzzing noise will manifest.


Clunking sounds express a broken or cracked belt. Once this part is replaced, the clunking sounds should disappear!


If you hear rumbling, have a professional HVAC technician check out your unit immediately. You probably have a leak in the heater exchanger; which, when broken releases carbon monoxide into your home. This is extremely dangerous as carbon monoxide can cause serious health implications.


A scraping sound is created when metal swipes against metal. The only structure within your furnace that would produce this kind of noise is your blower wheel. If your blower wheel is loose or broken, it will hit the side of the system, creating that scraping sound you hear.


If you notice a screeching sound, your motor might be malfunctioning. This is the precursor to an entire system breakdown.


If you hear whining, you are right to be concerned. Whining noises indicate that your motor mount is loose. Have a heating technician check your furnace ASAP, as your motor is not meant to slip and slide within your furnace.

We understand your furnace. Contact Privette Heating and Air Conditioning, at

(903)797-2678, for all of your furnace repairs and replacements.

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