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Ductless Mini Split Systems

· What is a ductless mini split system?

Take a closer look at the question, and you’ll find the answer. It’s ductless because it’s a heating and cooling system that requires no ductwork; it’s a split system because there are separate indoor and outdoor units; and it’s mini because the units are smaller than a typical central air system. Or, when you ask the question, “What is a ductless air conditioner?”, you could simply say it’s the most versatile, easy-to-install HVAC system available that delivers comfort where standard central air can’t.


Ductless mini split systems are like the handyman for comfort – they pretty much do it all. Perfect for room additions, space conversions like an attic or garage, or providing a boost to a room that’s always too hot or too cold; or, providing comfort to one area or separate temperature control to several areas. As part of a new home system or to provide air conditioning options for older homes, there’s a ductless system that makes sense for you.


Carrier ductless split systems include inverter-controlled, variable-speed technology for extra efficient heating and cooling. It works similar to cruise control for your car. These systems adjust motor speeds and comfort capacity as conditions change, delivering smooth, consistent temperatures and quiet operation, all while saving big on utility bills.


Carrier offers a wide selection of ductless mini split systems to fit any need, home, business, or budget. With a comprehensive family of options from the Infinity, Performance, and Comfort series, you are sure to find the right solution for keeping your home cozy. Contact a local Carrier® ductless HVAC dealer for pricing estimates on the best ductless air conditioner system for your needs.


Comfort Features

Ductless mini split systems can be configured with either one or multiple indoor units powered by a single inverter controlled, variable-speed outdoor unit to bring comfort anywhere in your home, including room additions, sunrooms, and garages. The inverter compressor ensures maximum comfort in any season by continuously adjusting heating and cooling capacities to meet your specific needs.

· Minimal Installation

Because there are no ducts, installation is a breeze—no tearing open walls, patching, or repainting required! And the outdoor unit powers the indoor units, so there is no need for additional wiring.

· Preserve Your Home’s Integrity

Older homes weren’t built to accommodate the ductwork of standard modern air conditioning systems. With a ductless system, you can preserve the integrity of your home’s architecture without having to carve out spaces for ducts and vents.

· Energy Savings

By selecting specific rooms to heat or cool, energy use is concentrated in the areas you choose. Plus, ductless systems can offset the energy loss of older homes by continuously adjusting heating and cooling capacities to best match current conditions.

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