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Furnace Safety Tip #3: Preventative Maintenance

Created by Carrie Privette

If you have read our previous furnace safety articles, then hopefully you have (1) cleared the combustible materials away from the area surrounding your furnace and (2) removed the debris from your system's ventilation system. By doing these two things, you are greatly reducing the risk of a furnace- related fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Is there anything else you can do to ensure your equipment is ready to safely keep you warm all season? Yes! Here is our third and final furnace safety tip this season:

#3: Preventative Maintenance: Leave service and repair to the professionals!

Much like going to the doctor for a check-up, your unit needs to be evaluated by a certified technician before it gets so "sick" it finally shuts down, or worse, poses a safety hazard for your family. There are things you can do on your own to keep your equipment in tip-top shape such as routinely changing the filter . However, it is important to bring in a professional each fall to make sure your system is prepared to safely and efficiently perform all winter.

Your heater, while it may look fairly simple, is actually very complex and much is involved in a thorough fall maintenance call. A trained professional will check electrical operations, connections, wiring, relays, contactors, and amp draws. On gas furnaces, they will ensure proper gas pressures, clean flame sensors, and make sure the furnace is burning properly. The safety features and switches installed on your unit will be tested to ensure they are functioning properly. Furthermore, the technician will examine all parts and components, making sure everything is running optimally and there is no visible wear. All of this, and much more, goes into this important visit.

In addition to securing your family's safety, a fall tune-up will:

  • Reduce the chances of a costly after-hour emergency call

  • Increase the likelihood that your unit will provide you with uninterrupted comfort

  • Save you money on costly repairs because problems where addressed BEFORE parts stopped working

  • Extend the life of your electric air handler or furnace

  • Drastically lower your utility bills

In summary, a HVAC professional is trained to provide the following during a fall check:

  • test operations

  • evaluate the physical condition and function of parts

  • fine-tune levels and settings

  • recommend any needed repairs or equipment changes

  • provide timely repairs and professional installation as needed

Click on the link below, to see what our Privette Pure Comfort Service Agreement entails.

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