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Greenspeed Technology

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Greenspeed Technology

by Carrie Privette, Thursday, June 15, 2017 11:42 AM

For customers looking for an efficient way to heat and cool their homes, Carrier’s Infinity products can’t be beat. In fact, they are up to 29% more efficient that the previous best in class systems.

Greenspeed Technology

With sensors that provide information about the climate both inside and outside the house, the Infinity series is able to regulate both temperature and humidity at a more precise level than most other units. The Infinity series can bring efficiency into your home by running longer at lower speeds. Using Greenspeed Intelligence, the system will calculate the most effective and efficient operating capacity based on your desired temperature.

A system with Greenspeed technology can:

-Run slowly and quietly

-Operate at longer and steady capacities

-Run up to 69% more efficiently

-Increase the effectiveness of air purifiers, humidifiers, and other enhancements.

Hybrid Heat

The Infinity series is able to combine heat pump and furnace technology into one system. This allows the equipment to make a choice based on the home’s current needs as to which method to use when heating. During times when the gas furnace may be overkill, the unit will automatically use the electric heat pump to keep your home warm. Should temperatures drop, the system will automatically switch modes.

Variable-Speed Technology

Unlike standard single-stage systems, variable-speed units don't shut off and restart with every temperature fluctuation. Instead, they lower operating speed once the desired temperature has been reached and maintain that temperature more steadily. The longer run-times of variable-speed units can also impact humidity making the air feel better. Variable-Speed Technology found in the Infinity series units reduce temperature swings and have a lower operating noise level.

For more information and pricing on Infinity products call Privette Heating and Air at 903-797-2678 or visit the following link:

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