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Keeping Cool During the Summer

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Created by Privette Heating & Air Conditioning Admin.

During the Summer, the Texas heat can be unbearable. When you come in from outside, you expect your home to be cool and relaxing. Sometimes that may not be the case. Your first thought might be that the HVAC system might not be working properly, however it may not be the system at all. Sometimes, the system is doing all it can do to keep your house to a certain temperature, but the house is losing air at places or letting in heat through the windows and doors. Listed below is suggestions to keep your house cool without cranking the air lower.

1. Check to make sure your windows and doors are sealed properly.

2. Make sure all your windows and glass on exterior doors have blinds and/or curtains to keep the heat out and cold in.

3. If possible, run your appliances at night. Your washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher all let off heat while in use. If you can use these appliances at night when the sun is down and it is cooler outside, it will help keep the inside of your house cooler.

4. Keep your interior doors open when you can. This allows your HVAC system to work more efficiently and air to move freely throughout the house.

5. Turn off lights when not in use. Also, choose more energy efficient light bulbs when you can because they let off less heat.

6. If you have A/C, the smoother and more efficient it runs, the better it will cool your house when called upon. Installing a programmable thermostat can help this process, rather than you fiddling with the temperature every morning and evening. Summer temperature recommendations are as follows:

  • 75 degrees, +/- 1-2 degrees, during hours you’re home (the warmer the setting, the more energy efficient, recommends 78 degrees);

  • 80 degrees, +/- 1-2, during hours you’re away; and

  • Sleeping: it’s well-researched that people sleep better when it’s cooler. If there’s a time to crank the AC a little bit, the overnight hours might surprisingly offer the most bang for the buck. Experiment with a few different temp settings to see how you feel in the morning, and go from there.

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