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Service Agreement Part 1: Cleaning

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Service Agreement Part 1 : Cleaning

Written by Nelson Privette, Monday, May 15, 2017 10:50 AM

Summer heat is on the way, and many air conditioning systems could benefit from seasonal maintenance. Privette Air offers a Pure Comfort Maintenance Agreement for just that reason. There are three areas that the maintenance focuses on:

1. cleaning

2. parts inspection

3. operations

A clean unit is an efficient unit.

When doing a service agreement there are several things that we clean to ensure quality performance from your system. First, we will advise you on filter replacement. A clean filter will keep your system’s air flow at an acceptable level. Next, we ensure that the unit's motor and blower are clear of dirt buildup. Then, we rinse the outdoor coil and make sure that the condenser is not blocked by shrubbery, grass, etc. The technician will inspect the indoor coil and advise if it needs to be pulled and cleaned as well. Finally, to rid the system of algae, the condensate drain line is flushed with water and special tablets are added to the drain pan.

Keeping your system clean is crucial to its performance! That's why we do a thorough check for cleanliness as a part of our service agreement routine. Learn more about the other two areas of our maintenance procedure, parts inspection and operations check, in the following articles. Consider becoming a service agreement customer today!

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