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Turning Off & Resetting Your AC Unit in 4 Simple Steps

1. Shut it Off

Turn off your AC before resetting the thermostat. Use your owner’s manual to find the shutoff button located on the AC unit. Make sure you turn the thermostat to the off position before turning off the AC unit. This is an important step for safety so you can continue working on your AC unit.

2. Get to the Circuit Breaker

Find your circuit breaker box. Look for the breaker that is linked to your AC unit and turn it off. Most of the time, circuit breakers are in the basement, closets, or crawl spaces.

3. Wait 30 Seconds

After turning off the circuit breaker linked to the AC unit, wait for a full minute. For safety reasons, it may be a good idea to inform everyone in your home that you will be resetting breakers.

4. Turn it Back On

After waiting for 1 minute, the AC unit will reset on its own. Go to your thermostat and carefully turn the device back on.

Be sure to set the device to your desired temperature and wait for the unit to cool the air to confirm it’s working well.

Important Info

Resetting your AC unit is often the solution to a tripped circuit breaker. It’s an easy fix once you get the hang of it. If you notice that your AC unit needs to be restarted frequently, it may be time for a professional to get to check your HVAC.

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